Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

Let’s pray that this Ox-picious year will bring Good Health, Good Fortune, Happiness and Prosperity to all of us.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tagged - 16 Random Facts about me

I've been tagged by Wan Shana since December 24. Been meaning to finish the 'assignment' but couldn't get to point #2 without being interrupted. So tonite, after kissing, hugging and I Love Yous, I tucked all 6 of my angels to bed. Dear Hubby will be in PD until Friday, and I know sleep won’t come easy when he’s not around. So here goes:

16 Random Facts about me: (This will definitely be a loooooong and boriiiing posting)

1) I like to read. I started reading very early. By 12, I’ve already read hundreds of comics, magazines and books. I guess this was due to my dad(AYAH) being a teacher/writer and his habit of buying all kinds of magazines, comics and books to read. My fav comic before I was 7 was Master Q – the Chinese comic. AYAH had a cupboard full of these... Then I got hooked to Kesah Sa-Ribu Satu Malam series... and these books were in Bahasa Melayu Lama. Imagine me reading Arakian, Cheritera etc when I was 11. I loved them... and the GOOD news was – I asked for them recently and AYAH gave me the whole collection! Treasure, treasure!

2) I had Hyperemesis Gravidarium during my pregnancies. My last two pregnancies were the worst. It was when I was pregnant with Haifa (2002) and Hanis (2005). I couldn’t see/hear/smell FOOD and abhor even listening to McD’s ads. It was so bad that I kept close to the bathroom door for easy vomitting. In 2002, I was admitted in SJMC for 2 weeks and was IVd with 60 bottles of glucose and what nots! Habis parut tangan aku!

3) But I looove being in pantang! The confinement period would mean lots of pampering. I adore the 44-days of Tungku, the 12 times of uruts and the tons of jamu! And the taking care of the babies... love it...

4) I believe that my special children – Haziq and Husna – are the biggest reasons for the strength we feel, the love we nurture, the rezeki we welcome and the laughter we share... Sometimes when I looked at the glass half empty, I’d think of their future – the What Ifs... But the positive side of mine would always steer me back to think of the roses instead of the thorns....

5) I was a US size 6 or 7 when I got married at 25. My shoes size was 5. Now at 42+ I think I’ll only fit into size 12 or 13 or 15. My shoe-size currently stands at 7. I don’t know when I’ll stop growing... poor me :(

6) I got my driving license when I was 32! I think it took me nearly 3 years to get my license since there were many disruptions along the way... such as pregnantlah, beranaklah, pergi umrah lah, pergi Haji lah etc etc. And finally in 1998 after my haji, I got the license! And that came with a Kancil – which I was forced to drive by Dear Hubby... takut wooo... but when I got the hang of it, mulalah panjaaaaang langkah ku ini..hihihi...

Laa... baru #7 ka?

7) What else.. hmmhh... ok, one thing about me, I soo love gardening! I love plants and trees, although nowadays I sort of neglect them. I love to have all kinds of plants in the garden that my Mak said that my previous house looked like a jungle. I had to part with my lovely plants at one time when we did the renovation with the old house. Gave away like 40 pots and plants to my neighbor. Sedey tau.... but later I got the new ones in no time! Now, with a bigger garden, I realized that I already have all the plants that I want. But why do I still make that journey to Sg Buluh?

8) I love local fruits – mango, mangosteen, rambutan, duku langsat, durian, dokong are my favs. And I planted these trees (except dokong) here at home. And I love cherries.. but I guess they are not local, right? And they are so darn expensive!

9) I don't watch horror movies! That means I’m a penakut. If watching a horror film would make me start imagining things, better not risk it lah, kan?

10) I take my supplements religiously. I used to take jamus when I was younger, but I started taking supplements when I was nearing 40.

11) I started my skincare regime when I was 33, when I started using SKII. Prior to this it was Oil of Olay cleanser, and that was all I used. When I was nearing 30, I tried using a Malaysian product, then Artistry for a year, Estee for a year before I got stuck to SKII. A loyal user ever since.

12) I love capturing moments on camera. Ever since I used AYAH’s manual Yashica when I was 13, I got hooked to it. I remember when I was in MRSM Kulim, I used to rent a camera at a camera shop..12 exposures would be doubled to 24, and 24 doubled to 48. So I got to take more pictures with minimal price to pay. My first camera was given to me by my big bro – Bemmie. But that camera was stolen when my house was broken into back in the States when I was still studying. Frust giler! My 2nd camera was Canon Prima Super 135, 3rd – CanonPower Shot A620 and my current one – Canon 450D. I took loads of pictures and my picture album cabinets are the solid proof of that...

Berapa lagi nih...

13) I don’t know how many ‘memberships’ that I have. Since I like buying things, and since I like getting discounts, I’d always become a member.. eg like a)bookstores – MPH, Popular, Big Bookshop, SPP etc b)Shops like Robinsons, Jusco, Metro, Aussino, Lovely Lace, etc etc c) All the varieties - Cosway, Amway, Avon, Gano, Era Edar, Nona Roguy, Elken, 4Life etc etc d) A ME time - Missy Nails, Reborn for massage, Fish Spa, microdermabrasion package and many many more... segan pulak nak cakap... I’d usually join to get the discounts la... or am I easily lured into something? Hmmhh... something to ponder...

14) I can’t wear flat shoes. Or I’d tend to walk funny. Weird, huh? Even during my pregnancies, I’d still have to walk in a 2-inch heels. All my shoes will be in their 2 1/2 to 3 inch range although at the moment now my weight is at its heaviest ever....takut pulak patah tumit kasut...huhu...

15) Apa lagi.. Oh, I like slow rock songs since I was in my teens. Nowadays I tend to listen to them only occasionally. Indon songs, and some 80s English songs are the ones being played in my car while driving to work. Mellow with age lah... but sometimes ada jugak Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple tu...hihihi...

16) Last, but never the least – (I’m pretty sure Dear Hubby doesn’t know this), actually it was love at first sight when I first met him. I don’t know how, but I somehow knew then that he was the one for me. Met him in February 1991, engaged in July 1991, and tied the knot in November 1991. It was an intensive getting-to-know relationship and that relationship gave me the most precious package – 6 beautiful babies wrapped with Love, tied with Understanding ribbons and served on a Caring platter....

So, I'm done. I guess I won't be tagging anyone for now.... Lenguh tangan typing ni.. so gotta hit the sack... ZZZzzzzzZZZ

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phew.... What a week!

I missed writing here. So many things I wanted to write but didn’t manage to get hold of my laptop for the last 9 days!

Although we were not First Timers in the kids-1st-day-at-school business, this time around with Haifa (Std 1) and Hanis (kindy)... wooo... it was very-very ‘mencabar’ indeed! As expected, they both cried lah...

The first day of school, Hanis refused to go into the classroom and cried incessantly. Look at Hanis - the mata bengkak & hidung merah... ciaaann...

The kindy was the same one that Hanna, Hasya and Haifa went when they were 4, 5 & 6yos but Hanis... she totally refused to join in her classmates. We thought that .. alaa... she’d adapt later, but then when it was Ayah’s turn to watch over her at the kindy (and I at Haifa’s Sekolah Kebangsaan), Ayah didn’t like what he saw.

He saw the 4yos were made to line up to go to the loo. In that one small loo, there were 1 sink, and 2 toilet bowls – one for girls and one for boys. They go in and pee (girl and boy next to each other), pull up their undies and walk off. When it came to the end of the line, then they’ll only flush. Can you imagine 25 kids doing that? Aiyooo... Why didn’t I see this when Hanna, Hasya and Haifa were the students there? Maybe I took things for granted?

So that was it. We scouted for another loo, oops.... another Kindergarten... and tried Hanis there. She cried, again as expected. But we were confident that she’d be ok.

And today’s the 1st time she didn’t cry! My Hanis didn’t cry! In fact she looked forward to go to school today. It’s just that she refused to wear the uniform since she wanted her teacher to do that for her.

I hope she’ll be ok in this new kindy. Although the RM1,3XX we paid for the first kindy will not be refundable, I’m pretty sure we made the right choice with this one.

My Hanis.... a ‘big’ girl now! Alhamdulillah!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 49th Birthday Bemmie!

I just realized that the posting for my eldest brother’s birthday wasn’t published. During my kelamkabut-ness that night, I only click 'save now' instead of 'publish post' it. Although I’ve already sms him at 12 midnight on his birthday, I hope this belated posting will speak the same as well:

My Big Bro Bemmie, Happy 49th Birthday! May your life is filled with happiness, success, murah rezeki, panjang umur and most of all – may you be blessed with a great health!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I know this is kinda late to wish everyone a Happy New Year. But it’s still January 1st, isn’t it?

So here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2009! May this year be a blessed 365 days for you and your family. Let’s pray that 2009 will be a package of Happiness, Success, Good Health, Great Love, and Murah Rezeki to all of us, InsyaAllah.

Goodbye 2008 - It was a great year, Alhamdulillah. But let’s do’a for a better year, especially for the Palestinians... I don’t want to shed a tear on this first day of the year, but it’s so sad to see the lifeless bodies of the children...

Anyway, here are some pix of last night’s New Year’s celebrations at Ikano where we’ve brought the kids to enjoy its spectacular fireworks!