Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Musical3

Haifa (my 6yo) called me up on Friday – Ibu please please Ibu, beli tiket untuk High School Musical. Haifa nak tengokla Ibu...

I can’t Haifa. It only starts today and I’m still in the office la. Weekend ni bolehla...

Puhleez Ibu puhleeeeeeez... (and she went on pleading...)

No Haifa. Weekend ni ok, but not today.... Bye!! I just had to put a stop to it, or Haifa would go on forever...

So, on Saturday, Ayah and I went to Cineleisure and reached there at 9:30am, but the ticket counters only opened at 10am. So we waited... demi anak-anaklah kan...

We bought 5 tickets (7:20pm) for Hanna, Hasya, Haifa, Hanis and their Ibu for HSM3 and 1 Bangkok Dangerous ticket (7:15pm) for the man-who-did-not-want-to look-sissy-watching-girls-movie.

After attending a birthday bash in Ampang, we went to The Curve and later watched the much awaited HSM3. The girls were all giddy with excitement.

And it was as expected – the girls said it was great. Even as a chaperone with an age double of Zac Efron’s, I’d still say that HSM3 was a good and sweet movie to watch. The girls loved it... and I’d say that I liked it as well.

And guess what, the man who watched Bangkok Dangerous said that the movie he watched was not up to his expectations.... Hah, tu lah... served him right...hehehe..

Happy Deepavali!

To all my Hindu friends and readers, I wish you all a very Happy Deepavali.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Ahli Syurga - Happy 15th Birthday!

Venue: Pantai Medical Center. Date: 20th October 1993. It was 7:25pm when the baby was born. He was the firstborn of a 29yo father and a 27yo mother. After an excruciating labor pain of 18 hours, which was ‘shared’ by her Husband and Mother in the labor room, and after watching the sun went up at dawn until it set at dusk, (and in all those hours her Gynaechologist only came once in the morning!) the mother gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. It was such a frightening experience for the baby’s maternal Grandmother who waited outside the labor room when she saw her Grandson wasn’t crying and watching the nurses and the doctor scurrying away attending to the newborn who had just been delivered via forceps. Yes, it was a difficult birth indeed.

The newborn was named Zarif Haziq , and he was such a beautiful baby with lots of hair!

Their 2nd baby was conceived when Haziq was just 3mo. When Husna was born, Haziq was just crawling and didn’t show any signs of walking.

Realizing that their baby was somehow slow in his development, Haziq’s parents brought him for a thorough checkup at SJMC. The X-Ray result showed that Haziq had a dislocated hip on the left... thus at 1y+, Haziq went thru a major operation to correct this.

1995 Raya was spent looking after Haziq at home. He was in cast from his chest down to 1-inch to the toes for a month! It was such a trying time.... When he gained weight, a ‘window’ was made on the cast near his tummy so that he’d feel more comfortable.

After that major operation, Haziq learnt how to crawl again.

A year later, Haziq’s parents brought him to a Government Hospital as recommended by his doctor so that he could start his physiotherapy there. After a routine X-Ray, it was discovered that the bone was out of its socket again. Haziq’s parents were in shock! The doctor there then explained that it was normal - hip-dislocation could recur again and some patients went thru countless operations to correct that.

Then only Haziq’s parents realized that they’ve made the biggest mistake by agreeing to the first operation. Ya Allah... if only they knew about the multiple operations before.... They would never want to put Haziq in pain again... and thinking of the trauma that he went thru at 1y+ would definitely be a no-no although at that time Haziq was already 2yo+.

The doctor insisted that Haziq’s parents should make an appointment for the OT. When they said that they needed time to think things over, the doctor somehow insisted on one date (tak ada timbangrasa langsung!). They sort of of agree - Letak lah date apa yang doctor nak - since there were students there watching what was going on and the doctor ‘demanded’ a date.

But there was no way that Haziq's going to be put under that OT lights again. On that particular date, Haziq was having fun with his family, maternal Grandparents, his mother’s siblings and his cousins in Penang - having a blast with the Banana Boats and the jet-skis!

Now, although Haziq still can’t talk, he can walk. That was an achievement that both his parents are proud of.

Yes... that was my Haziq – my one and only SON – and the journey that he went thru in life. And today’s his 15th Birthday! Yay!

Haziq sayang,
Although you can't speak, nor can you cut your own birthday cake tonight, I know you’re happy as always. Despite the stares that you received every time we’re out, do remember that we’re always proud of you.

Though you may not understand this, you actually bring such joy and great rezeki in our lives.... You also taught us how to love unconditionally and to be strong in whatever we do. Remember, Allah knows best. It's all fated that you and Husna will be Ahli-ahli Syurga and became the glue in our family... the special ones who stick us all as one.....

If only you could see that all of us LOVE you so much, Haziq!

Again, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZIQ! Ibu, Ayah and your sisters hope you'll get the best in everything! My Ahli Syurga... Muaaaahhh!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jannah's Story - How Lucky We Are

Every morning, I’d send Haziq and Husna to the Special School that both of them are attending. Teacher Jannah – an Iraqian - would always come to greet me and get my special ones out of the car. She’d always smile, give her Salam and we’d have a small chat before I left for my office. However, last Friday morning she looked rather sad. Her puffy eyelids showed that she must have came down with flu or something.

Teacher Jannah, you’re not feeling well, aren’t you?

I’m OK... it’s just that my Father passed away after Raya.

I was stunned. I lowered down the volume of my radio.

Innalillah.... How old was he and how did it happen?

He was 63. He had a stroke. He also had High Blood. But he reached the hospital quite late. You see, there were so many road blocks... here and there.....many, many road blocks.. so when he reached the hospital, it was too late...

That’s so sad... how’s your Mother?

She’s staying put. You know what, the situation in Iraq is really bad. My siblings all have High Blood. And they are very young. Younger than me.

Why is that?

You see, since when we were young, when we opened our eyes, we saw people die everywhere. We hear bombs everyday. Life’s very very stressful for all the Iraq people. That’s why Iraq people have many sickness at young age. The effect of the war.... Most of us are scared of aeroplanes. If we hear the sound of aeroplanes, we’ll be terrified... We just can't help it...

Why didn’t you bring him here?

He was coming here. I spoke to him in Ramadhan, he told me that he wanted to come to Malaysia. He came here once and he liked it. He said Malaysia was a very peaceful country. He said he’d get his papers ready. When he died, my mother was cleaning his things and saw his passport. Everything was already in order. He was actually coming here...

I couldn’t help it. Tears were welling there, waiting to fall... Jannah was also fighting back the tears.

It was never meant to be Jannah....

If only he could reach the hospital earlier.... Then InsyaAllah he’d live...

Jannah, Allah has fixed it all. All are fated. There must be a hikmah in all these. I just hope that you are OK and your mom, your siblings too...

Yes, I know. Thank you. I’ll pass a Quranic verses in CDs to all the Muslim parents on Monday. I hope you can listen to the CD and sedeqah to my Father..

OK, TQ Jannah. Let’s pray that things will get better in Iraq. Take care, OK?

I left the school with a heavy heart. Somehow I knew that I should be more thankful for what I have now. Maybe some of us, including me, take Malaysia for granted... and forget that we are truly blessed to be living in this Peaceful Land. Look at Jannah, this is an Iraqian who lives in Malaysia for 16 years with her family and feels very grateful for the serenity that our Tanah Air has to offer.

Like Jannah, we should count our blessings too... and try not to take things for granted, not only with our Tanah Air, but with all the good and bad things that we have....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My 2008 Raya

Raya in Alor Setar was a fantastic one. We went to Kodiang, Jitra, Tunjang, SP and houses around Alor Setar. It was such a tight schedule and Ayah made the what-to-do&where-to-go list that we actually followed (you’re soo good at that dear :)). We met so many people, relatives and friends. You see, there were 30 people in my own family (my parents, 5 siblings/spouses with kids). Add that with aunties, uncles and the whole clan of my father’s side, plus the clan from my mother’s side would probably made us meeting more than a hundred faces during Raya. How about that – what a lucky bunch we were!

The plan to go home to Alor Setar for Raya actually started in March08, when I had to purchase two flight tickets for my Hanna and my maid Nani. Since the MPV was unquestionably designed not to be tamped down with the weight of 11 people, and I was not going to drive my car (I never tried driving on a long journey before), we decided to buy the two tickets. So Hanna and Nani left earlier than us.

The journey home to Alor Setar on Sunday before Raya was a smooth one. Alhamdulillah. It took us only 4.5 hours to reach Alor Setar. Yay. But it took us 7 freakin’ hours from Alor Setar to KL on the Sunday after Raya (does that considered as swearing?). Talk about the heavy rain and the oh-ever-so-many-cars on the road! All the R&Rs were also jam-packed. I was praying that none of us would need to use the toilet.... but it was me who needed one! Isshh....

The most important thing was that we reached home safe and sound. That was all that matters, right?

So, today’s the 12th day of Syawal. Although everything’s BAU, the Raya mood obviously is still there. With open houses to attend to, I’m definitely still in the Raya mood. Perhaps I’m still a young girl at heart..hihihi...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have a Wonderful Raya!

To all my friends, relatives, fellow bloggers, visitors and all Muslims in the world - SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI!

I take this opportunity to MINTA AMPUN & MAAF for any wrongdoings I've done, or for anything I've written here that may have offended any of you out there.

May this Raya be a wonderful one to you and your loved ones.