Friday, January 25, 2013

Of A Maid & An Asthma Attack

My maid Aton who has been taking care of my Haziq and my Husna will be leaving soon. We’ve extended her visa for another month so that Aton could teach the new maid for at least a month before she leaves us for good.

However, the new maid somehow arrived 2 weeks late, which was last Tuesday. She was 25, married with one kid. Nani came from a very poor family – money was the reason why she came to work here. 4D3N on a ship from Tanjung Priok to Tanjung Pinang. 3 hours on a boat from Tanjung Pinang to JB. And another 4-5 hours on a bus from JB to Shah Alam, where we picked her up on Tuesday. She arrived looking tired, but happy to start working.

On Wednesday when we arrived home from work, we saw that she looked kinda weird. I asked Aton and Tina (my other maid who comes from a rich family – my subject in my upcoming post..hehe) what was wrong with her. They said they didn’t know, but Aton said Nani was ok in my Haziq & my Husna’s school that day. In fact the teacher texted me earlier that Nani was eager to learn new things and given time, she’d be a better helper than Aton.

Dear Hubby asked her to sit on the carpet in the living room. She obviously had difficulties in breathing and she was gasping for air. I asked her whether she was ok, she managed to say “asma”. Suddenly her body then came to a curve, it was like she was hunching over. Since I’ve never seen an asthma attack before, I didn’t know that those were danger signs. Dear Hubby quickly said that he’d bring her to the nearby clinic to find out what was wrong with her. Tina helped her to the car, with great effort since by this time, Nani already had trouble walking.

She was lucky to be brought to the clinic juz in the nick of time. “Or it might be fatal”, the doc said. Doc also told Dear Hubby that Nani was a liability to keep since she has acute asthma, gastritis and Tick Typhus (ohmy ..I have no idea what this is). Apparently Nani accidentally left her medications in Tanjung Pinang and by the time she realized, she was already on her way to JB.

As much as I wanted to give her a chance to work with me, I had to think about my Haziq and my Husna. Since my Haziq himself is on Epilim 200, and taking care of both my special ones requires swimming twice a week, air-conditioned rooms with carpets etc etc (and she said she couldn’t sleep in air-conditioned room), I juz have to let her go.

Lucky that she was on JP Visa (usually to apply for a working visa within a month), so she was sent back to the agent in Kluang yesterday. She cried while salam-ing me. Somehow I wonder how in the world did she pass her medical tests prior to coming here?

But whatever it is, I believe it was a blessing in disguise. Allah loves us more. Perhaps there will be unfortunate incidents if she were to work with us. Only Allah knows. And Allah knows best.

Now I’m playing the waiting-for-the-maid game again.
Hopefully this time I'll win :)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hi There :)

Procrastinator has been my friend since my last post a year ago. Too many times I reminded myself not to abandon this page of mine but somehow I didn’t have the passion to write my thoughts here anymore.

Too many things had happened. Too many memories – happy and sad ones - were engraved in our timeline. All too precious to be forgotten and ignored. Although most of the memories were captured in still photos, I juz can’t brush aside this feeling of regret – “If only I had captured them in words as well...”

And that’s the reason why I’m writing today – the regret of not preserving those memories here in my humble blog.

My kids have grown. My special ones – My Haziq and Husna – will be 20 and 19 respectively. They still go to the same special school near our house.

My Hanna got 7A 1B (B for agama..ouch!) for her PMR, Alhamdulillah, she'll still be in the MRSM system. Now she’s anxiously waiting for the news of which MRSM she’ll further her studies - the nearer the better (for her parents lah..hehe)

My Hasya’s in Form 2 this year. She grew so much in height last year that she’s now a few inches shorter than Dear Hubby. In other words, she’s definitely in the TALL department and obviously taller than her own Ibu!

My Haifa’s now in Standard 5. She shed a few kilos and gained a few cms in height last year. She’s basically my height right now…err…or a few mms taller than me. Maybe if I shed 17 kilos then I’d look much taller than her, huh?

My youngest Standard 2 petite Hanis is as princess-like as ever. Loves everything feminine - as always - such as ballet and piano. A very manja girl :)

Dear Hubby doesn’t bring home his office work that much anymore. Thus more time spent with the children...hehe He’s not playing squash anymore (to avoid injuries) but he still goes swimming on Saturday and Sunday to keep fit.

Me? I’m still here. Still a busy mom and wife. I’m still missing my mom. Every single day. But life has to go on. Alhamdulillah, my life is perfect with its imperfections. I don’t do gardening that much, don’t read that much, don’t cook that much.

I'm basically enjoying life as it is :)

And I wonder why time flies so fast!