Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Haziq!

Today’s my only boy’s birthday. His 16th! It seems only yesterday that I had him in my arms the first time. Oh.. I could still remember how it was when he didn’t cry when he was born... The ruckus made in the delivery room... And the time spent without my baby by my side for he had to be monitored and placed in SCUBU since it was a forceps delivery.

And I remember writing an entry for his 15th birthday last year. It’s been a year already? I’m amazed at how time realllly flies!

My Birthday Boy. My Haziq. My Firstborn. My Ahli Syurga. My Special One who’s 16 today. Being special, he doesn’t ask for birthday presents. He’ll be happy just by listening to his sisters singing the Happy Birthday song tonite when we cut the cake. Haziq will then have one or two pieces of cake amidst the gigglings and laughters his sisters will make...

He’s my Haziq who never demand anything except for us to fulfill his routine schedule and most of all – our LOVE and AFFECTION.. And he gets loads of them.... Alhamdulillah.

Haziq sayang,
I know there are so many things you wanted to say to me if only you were able to express them all out. I know that there were times when you wanted to look me in the eye and let me know a lot of things – but you just couldn’t. Believe me sayang, I heard you.. for I’m there in your mind.

And you’re there in my heart and... soul.

Happy Birthday my brave boy! We love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Swimming Girls

What hectic weekends we had in this Syawal month! I feel as if Raya was 2 months ago. Never get to fulfill all open house Raya invitations, since we were really busy with the kids’ activities.

Hanna, Hasya and Haifa were frustrated since they couldn’t take their taekwondo tests yesterday. It was because they’ve missed their classes during Ramadhan and the tests were conducted on the same weekend that they were having their swimming competition, which was held on Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 October.

So the red belts will have to wait for at least another 3 months.

This time, the swimming event was Kejohanan Jaguh Renang Kompleks Sukan Negara which was held at the National Aquatic Center, Bukit Jalil. The girls participated again, just for the fun of it. It was quite hard especially when they didn’t go for their training during Ramadhan. I’ve told them that the important thing was the spirit and the experience gained.

Hasya climbing out of the pool after her 50m backstroke

The girls waiting for their heat numbers for 50m butterfly to be called. Haifa tengah nervous tu!

Hanna in 100m freestyle

Haifa readying for her 100m freestyle

Somehow this pic reminded me of leaping frogs! LOL!

They participated in most of the events they’ve been registered in, except for 100m backstroke which Hanna chickened-out the last minute... hahaha... Kesian jugak, especially when they didn’t learn much on two swimming strokes - backstroke and butterfly. Dear Hubby and I just encouraged them to participate, stressing on the fact that Bukit Jalil is like their home ground since they spend 4-day a week there for swimming and squash.

So I was stationed there for two days, and without Dear Hubby on Sunday since he had his high-school class reunion in PJ. The girls had so much fun especially during between-events and lunch hour when they could play with their friends in the pools. Sampai nak luruh jantung watching those other small kids playing around the diving areas - diving... mak aaaiii.. tingginya!

Haifa in her playful mood

Everything went well except for that big, fat migraine that I had on Saturday. The weather was just too plain hot lah. Felt like jumping into the pool with the girls to cool off! Lucky we (the mothers) had a nice spot to spread our mats on Sunday... and the cool breeze really made you wanna sleep... Nice.