Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Haifa

My dearest daughter Haifa,
I know you won't be reading this since you have limited access/permission to the internet, but I want to write you anyway.

It’s only a day before your 7th birthday’s here. Last year you got what you wished for – a bicycle – which was bought a month prior to your birthday. You rode the bicycle almost every single free minute you got. I just couldn’t imagine seeing you without your bike, since you were practically riding it all the time. You liked it so much, right? So this year you hope to get your wish fulfilled. Again.

But Haifa... I’m so sorry to tell you that this year Ayah and Ibu won’t be getting what you wanted. Eventhough we know that you want them really really bad, we just won’t get them for you. The rabbits you’ve been wishing for just don’t rhyme with your birthday song. I’ve checked the rabbits out at the Amcorp Mall last month. They were pretty soft and cute. And cuddly, just like you. But I don’t think that you’re ready for them yet. Or them you. Can you wait until you’re a bit older, before I get them for you, Haifa? Or when I could go off to work without having this worry that the rabbits would still be there when I get home? I know you can, right?

Haifa sayang, rabbits are gentle animals. And fragile. Errr... just like you. They are like babies who need the TLC that I’m sure you’ll be able to provide. But sayang, they need to be stroked lightly, not vigorously like you did the fishes (RIP) a few months ago. I know you did it out of love, but dear, too much of a good thing wasn’t good either. I know I may be able to teach you the how tos... but can I do that when you’re a 'lil bit older? And oh, I really hope you'll stop chanting "I want two bunny rabbits" after this. Please?

We also have a surprise for you sometime next month. When the bird’s eggs have hatched, you’ll be seeing two baby-birds in the nest. Not that I don’t want to share the news with you now, it’s just that I want to give the mother bird some peace and quiet. And give you a surprise. You understand that too, don’t you?

Anyway, for your birthday this year Haifa, you’ll be getting some books (as usual) and a Baby G watch. I know you’ll like them for sure. And please don’t lose the watch this time, ok? And before you start asking me – Yes, the watch is water-proof. You can swim up to a hundred meter down the pool to prove it. Kak Hanna’s wearing the same brand, so I know that it’s tough enough even for an active and curious girl like you.

Till your birthday on Wednesday.

Lots of Love,


mamasita said...

O let me be one of the first to wish Haifa HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Betul cakap mama you dearie..wait till you're a bit older! Nak bela rabbits banyak responsibilities..especially kena cucu tempat pee and poop dia! Bushuuuk betul! hahaha

Salt N Turmeric said...

Happy 7th Birthday Haifa!

Kak Ja, memang its still too young for her to have a pet. Maybe when she is like 10 or 11 she might be ready. Lagipun you know what they say about bunnies. ;)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Mamasita,
Haifa is the most curious one of the lot, so you can never tell what she's gonna do. Altho most were done with good intentions, cuma I yg suspense... manala tau kot2 dia suap nasik kat rabbits tu ka..hahaha...

Good idea, next time kalau dia mintak lagi, I'd mention the cuci pee&poop part... TQTQ dear!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Farina,
TQ for the wish. Haifa's so excited, she said she can't wait for Wednesday to come.

Betulkan, she's still too young for rabbits as pets. Every child has a different character. If my Hanna yg mintak when she was 7, I think I might have complied...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Happy 7th Bday, Haifa..

Haifa, auntie yang dah tua ni pun tak berani nak take a rabbit as a pet. Actually, I made a mistake for buying a pair for my kids, Sarah and Adam. Both of the rabbits died because my kids were too young to handle them, actually one of the rabbits died because my third child, Benjamin p rendam rabbit dalam you see, if u have rabbits, you have to make sure that they are placed in a really, really safe space, spacious space for them to hop around, u need to clean up their cage daily as the stench from their urine is unbearable. Banyak keje tau Haifa, nanti kesian Ibu you will end up doing all this, as it happened to me too..

Birds are nice too, you know, but don't cage them, kesian birdie tu nak fly..:)

yus said...

kelakar betui anak you ni.
"Happy Birthday Haifa!"
Ja, baik bela hamster dari rabbits Ja. My neighbor bela 2 ekor rabbits, tapi just bertahan 3 hari je. Tak tahan bau busuk dan penat cuci kandang rabbit tu. Last2 dia pi bagi balik kat petshop tu, percuma... hahahha. Sanggup rugi pun tak pa.
esok my mum's 2nd year passing away anniversary.

wanshana said...

Happy Birthday, Haifa :)

Aunty agree with your Mommy - having pets is a very heavy responsibility, especially for a cute lil' girl your age. You have to make sure their hutch is always clean (meaning you have to clean their poops and peeps all the time), they're fed regularly, their drinking water is clean, and most importantly they're loved unconditionally :)

My Hanna who's 14 years old pun only enthusiastic with our hamsters for a few days ajer, lepas tu everything my Bibik yang kena buat...What's the point, kan?

I'm sure, with or without the rabbits, you'll have a great birthday celebration with your Mommy and Daddy and the whole family :)

yus said...

on second thot, would a huge stuffed cuddly bear or a rabbit compensate her wish this year?
La..aunty yus pulak duk tolong pikiag bagi pihak Haifa.. isy isy isy...

sYaNa said...

Dearest Haifa,

Happy 7th Birthday! You're at such an exciting age :o)

Enjoy your birthday with your family and friends. The rabbits can wait for awhile. When you're abit older and you have learned from your mother how to take care of pets, then maybe you'll get a rabbit in the future. Learn and help your mother to take care of the birdies. That will be your first lesson :o) Isn't that exciting?

Have a great birthday celebration, Haifa :o)

Kak Ja :o)
you wrote such a heartfelt letter to your daughter :o) I'm touched.

Abang Sejuk said...

Haifa Dearest,

Happy 7th Birthday,dear...don't worry, if Mommy tak belikan Haifa those Bunnies when you are older, Uncle Ja will get u the little Pony...tail...hehehe

Kak Ja,
senangnyer nak sejukkan hati Haifa..How i wished i could do the same to Nina...


Raden Galoh said...

Happy 7th Birthday Haifa...
Ja...iye ke you takkan belikan Haifa apa-apa? Hehehe...I think Haifa is kindda know your soft spot...)

So you went to Amcorp Mall to find the rabbits Ja... not our rezeki to meet eh sis?


ZLAA said...

Happy Birthday dear Haifa. How's life Ja? I busy..busy.. tak sempat nak reply all the mails in the group.

Lagu2 kat blog u ni buat I ingat zaman muda2 la.. zaman kat kolej..huhuhu..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ida,
Thank you sooo much! I siap cerita what happened to your rabbits kat Haifa.. and I could see that her 'eagerness' was gone. I think that must be due to the stench and the cleaning parts. Nasib baik.

She was curious reg rendam rabbit dalam air tu... I think she'd try it herself juz to test! LOL!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Yus,
Haifa ni memang kelakar sikit. Ikut otak dia saja... but she's very attached to me like my Hanis.

Kalau I beli rabbits tu, rasanya I'll be like neighbor - bagi balik kat pet-shop tu...

Hamster.. hmmhh not a bad idea!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
I read to Haifa what you wrote, and she seemed to understand how hard it is to take care of pets, especially rabbits.

I was juz thinking of getting the hamsters but reading about your Hanna, I think my kids will do the same jugaklah. TQ for sharing :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Yus,
Stuffed bear and rabbit tu dia dah ada. Rabbit tu dah berlemoih. AT the moment dia punya fav is the bantai peluk Ikea yang oren-merah polka dot tu..hehehe..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Syana,
Lepas Kak Ja baca all the comments on the 28th to her (tapi tak sempat reply comments), she seemed ok dah. Dah tak nyanyi-nyanyi "I want 2 bunny rabbits" lagi. Phew, lega!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Abang Sejuk,
Senang sikit nak convince Haifa especially when she heard the cerita I read to her in the comments. Memang lega sangat.

How's Nina? Dia nak apa on her birthday?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Salam D,
I bought her the Baby G watch and 4 books. After listening to the -ve stories of having rabbits as pets at her age, she stopped asking for them. Lucky me :)

I pi Amcorp I think end of March, and memang tak masuk dalam mall at that time. Juz wanna see the rabbits kat luar tu.. and of course... the cupcakes. One day insyaAllah we'll meet. I memang nak sangat jumpa you D, and to get your book (with the signature!)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Zlaa,
I memang tau you bz sebab tak dengaq habaq pun dlm yahoogroup. I macam nilah jugak. Last week sempat lunch dgn Linda kat KLJ.

Lagu-lagu ni memang mostly zaman dolu-dolu punya... Kenangan mengusik jiwa?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Aunties: Mamasita, Farina, Ida, Yus, Shana, Syana, Dalilah, Zlaa and Uncle Ja,

Thank you for your wishes. I am happy because i got many presents and i love the cake and the cupcakes.