Monday, June 22, 2009

Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

Don’t ask me why we went. Tak pernah umat I pi concerts!

But somehow, on Saturday we went to Bukit Jalil for Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 and joined the crowd of bapak-bapak, ibu-ibu, mbak-mbak, om-om and many fellow Malaysians to enjoy the sounds of five Indonesian bands – Padi, Andra and the Backbone, Sheila on 7, Gigi and Dewa 19. I love Indonesian band songs, so what the heck – sekali-sekala!

Our group comprised of Dear Hubby, Hanna, Hasya, Haifa, my maid Nani, my nephew Zhafri and his friend Wafiy.

Here are some pix I took. I'll try to include the slides later :)

Duta of So7 - energetic performer & a friendly chap :

Armand of Gigi - wow, this guy was simply awesome!

Once of Dewa - love his songs :

Ahmad Dhani of Dewa - also love his songs :

And today I was on leave. Spent some time with Dear Hubby. Also did some serious gardening. There goes my manicure!


cekmekzue said...

Ja, I like lagu dealova - once and another Sandaran Hati - letto, tangkap lentok u, mendayu2...

yus said...

alahai ja...
kat kampus ni pun tak larat dah nak speaking indon memanjang.students indon sokmo mengunjungi kantor ku ini. Buk yus buk yus... :)

Sakinah said...

Wow! Tak sangka Ja u minat artis2 dari seberang. Tak dinafikan lagu2 depa tangkap lentuk. My 4-year old daugther suka sangat dengan Agnes Monica, especially lagu Tak Ada Logika. Dia insisted I set ringing tone my handphone to this song.

BTW, how's ur Haziq n Husna doing? Could u blog about them? And how's the bird in your garden?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Zue,
Many of their songs memang 'semonel' abis. But I like soem fast numbers too, especially Gigi's. Mamat Armand tu memang energetic habis!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Salam ya Buk Yus,
Kenapa nggak ke mari? Kepingin ketemu kamu.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Sakinah,
Hahaha... bukan sebab minat gila-gila pun.. but since dah ada tickets, especially VIPs, tu yang pergi jugak tu. That was why I got to be very near the stage to take hundreds of pix that night.

Haziq and Husna are fine, Sakinah. Nothing exciting about them at school. In fact I like it when it's BAU, coz that means they are fine. You know what I mean?

Did you see gambar Haziq dalam swimming pool, the one in black-yellow. Tapi x clear la, gambar belakang.

I really wanted to do an update on the bird (not birds, one died), tapi tak sempat2 lagi. Dah bertelur sebijik lagi dah pun in the same nest!

yus said...

Buk Ja,
loh...jangan malu-maluin deh :)

cekmekzue said...

lama tak dengar that word "semonel".

Clarisse Teagen said...

LOL How come they're all guys? awwww.
My friend asked me to go for it, but damn was I busy with this video thing that night. .

Anyways, there's a blogger event set for the 29th of June. Bloggers from around the world will be uniting to write about FREEing IRAN on the day :)
I was wondering if you'd like to join in. .
there's more details on my bloggy. just ask me anything there if you'd like ok :) trying to get as many to join in....

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ibu, waaa, macham Rockers or Punk group, ha ha.
I bet the music was real loud too, huh!
Anyway, not my kind, I only go for oldies. Age has caught up to me, ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,

Wawawaawa.... berconcert ya?? Am no fan of Indon bands but recently I was listening to the girls' MP3 & heard a singer - Letto? Must be Indon. Bestnye the voice... Apa org kata? Tangkap cintan??? Hahahha! Great pics. Shot w the new lens I assume ;-)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Buk Yus,
Siapa yang malu-malu? Pokoknya bukan aku dong...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

You pun tau 'semonel' jugak ka?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Clarisse,
I saw one lady on stage that night, but didn't figure out who she was.

TQ for the invite. To be honest, I'm quite blur with the goings-on in Iran at the moment. Will try to do some readings and ask my hubby about this. So ignorant of me, right?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear U.Lee,
I was standing/sitting with my family earlier on... way way back there... far from the stage and the sound was juz nice.

But when I got the 'itch' to snap some pix, it was really LOUD when you stood right in front of the stage! It was as if herds of elephants were 2 feet away, and your heart went thumping out from your chest... hahaha!

Have a good weekend U.Lee :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ja,
Lagu tangkap lentok abis, especially the slow ones. Yeap, I took the pix with my new lens..hihihi... But the loud thumping of the beats made some pix blur lah.

But it was great, especially when you get to stand in front of the stage :)