Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haifa's 8th Birthday

It's been a while since my last posting. So many things got in the way... but today I just have to write.

Yes, today's a very important day for my darling Haifa. She's 8 today, April the 29th. No request for rabbits this year...hahaha... she said she wanted a new bike! The one she's been cycling in and around the house was from her 6th birthday. I asked her - what are you gonna do with two bikes? No answer, just a shrug. Hasya quickly said that she'd take Haifa's old bike so that we could buy Haifa a new one... (oh, you're so sweet Hasya!) But it just didn't make sense.. having two girls cycling in (and I mean IN) the house!! It would just be too chaotic lah!

So I tried to convince her... how about a new watch? Since she lost her watch (her birthday present for her 7th birthday) only months after getting it, I thought it would be better to have a new one. Lucky that she agreed.. phew!

I was actually feeling this guilt these past two weeks. Haifa wanted to have a birthday party with clown and balloons at home. Since we were very busy on weekends, with trips up north to see my Hanna at a boarding school and swimming trainings for Hasya and Haifa... I convinced her to have the party done at any McD/KFC restaurants around our area. As easy as one to consume a small bowl of creme brulee, she agreed.

It was when I started calling and visiting these outlets that I realized that I was too late to make a booking for Haifa's party. Thus the sad news. Kesian Haifa.

So it was a simple celebration at home just now. The cake cutting and the picture taking. It felt rather incomplete without Hanna around.. but we just have to get use to it for now.

So here's a birthday wish for my darling Haifa...

Ayah and Ibu will always make do'a for you... for your life to be filled with great health and wealth, undying love and happiness, sweet success, beautiful imaan, and wonderful friends and families. We know that you're full of potentials.. so do what you think you can do best, ok? Remember that we love you so very much!

We love you Haifa.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Cake from Lea Oven.. as usual memang sedap & cantik


Ibunim said...

Happy Birthday Haifa.....Keep smiling and we all luv u too..Salam from ibunim, amir and auni

mamasita said...

Happy Birthday Haifa..cantiknya birthday cake you!!
Macam mana nak potong ni..hehe

Welcome back DDI!

tireless mom said...

Happy birthday Haifa. Stay sweet always. Kalau aunty lah, tak makan cake tu. Simpan je.

jabishah said...

Happy belated birthday Haifa dear. Sorry aunty is almost a month late ;-)

Hi there Kak Ja. How are things? Any new lens while I was away in blogland? :-)

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Ja,

Ay, saja nak datang kacau and say hello. I'm home in Msia for 3 months (dah habis one month lor)...

Oh, and happy vvvv. belated birthday to Haifa.