Thursday, September 23, 2010

My 2010 Raya

Today’s September 23rd, meaning that it has been two weeks since we’ve celebrated the first day of Syawal. Talking about Raya, what a wonderful Raya it was! And so tiring as well! It was Kedah’s turn this year and since there were 11 of us to fit into the MPV, we exported two kids and a maid via air to Alor Setar on the Tuesday before Raya. The rest of us had to travel on the PLUS highway a day after.

We managed to buka-puasa with my parents for two days. On the last day of puasa, we went to Stadium Darulaman for its Pasar Ramadhan and I was so happy that I got to buy the famous Nasik Ulam Aishah and the White Palace Cucur Udang! Too bad we didn’t have the time to go to Kuala Kedah for Laksa Telok Kechai... or else it would definitely be a perfect buka-puasa for me!

That night was Bunga Api night. What is Raya without Bunga Api, right? My kids, nephews, nieces, maids, and of course yours truly had so much fun that night. It was worth the money spentlah.

The first day of Raya was spent in Alor Setar and Kodiang. That morning, after Raya prayers and salam sessions, it was family picture time, where all 30+ of us had our family picture taken at a studio. Then off we went to my Mak Ndak's newly renovated house and later to my Adik’s house. By then, all tummies were full but we had to continue our Raya meet the Queen, my dad’s mother – TOK!

The destination was Kodiang (pronounced Kokdiang ya.. it’s my Ayah’s kampong and the place I was born).

Bukit Keplu in Kodiang

It was a bit gloomy this year since my cousin just lost her husband, Abang Mat, in a road accident in Ramadhan. Kak Fauziah was in tears that evening when she told me how Abang Mat practically did EVERYTHING for her, and she stressed to me again and again – EVERYTHING! Now that he was gone, she was left clueless. What with her mother, Wa (my aunt), being bedridden after falling on the hospital staircase and broke her leg while visiting Abang Mat in the ICU on that fateful day. Listening to her relating her story of her Abang Mat made me appreciate life even more with my loved ones around.

Al Fatihah to Abg Mat who was such a jovial and helpful person. May he be blessed and placed amongst the Muqarrabin. Amiin.

Every second day of Raya will be Tunjang day. Tunjang, the place where my Mak was born and raised. She’s the youngest of 8 Jurau siblings – 2 deceased, now leaving her with 1 brother and 4 sisters. Tahlil session was held at Mak Chik’s house in the late morning and a small kenduri later in the afternoon. It was a nice reunion/gathering where the four generations of the Jurau clan exchanged their stories, and laughters were heard throughout the evening.

L to R : Mak Njang, Mak Ngah, Mak Ndak, Mak Chik and Mak.

This is my Mak with her siblings. It would be nice if their eldest, my Pak Chaq who lives in Pontian is in this pic.

And oh, later after leaving Tunjang, we went to Mak Njang’s house right before Maghrib prayers. Dalam kelam-kabut tu aku pi jugak rumah hang tau!

The third day of Raya was my parent's Open House day. It was Meehoon Sup Utara this year. Such joy melayan tetamu who came.. didn’t feel tired at all!

The fourth day was Raya @ Siblings’ day. Went to my eldest bro, Bemmie’s house in Alor Setar, then to Sg Petani to my 2nd bro, Benjie’s and later to my only sis, Kak Anim’s house. It was a fun day and.. *burp*.. filling as well ..hehehe.. Dear Hubby wasn’t feeling well that night, and since we were supposed to leave the next day, we decided to postpone the trip home to the 6th Raya, 15th Sept. I called MAS to reschedule Hanna+Hasya+Tini-the-maids’ flight tickets from the 15th Sept to the 16th Sept but couldn’t since we bought the tickets via Grab-a-Deal.

Oh well, we couldn’t leave on the same day with the girls on the 15th for sure since the girls would be arriving in KUL much earlier than us! So we had to stick to the original plan, us leaving on the 14th, and the girls flying on the 15th. Dear Hubby took paracetamol and hit the bed much earlier than us that night. He had to rest since he gotta drive us home the next day.

The fifth day was 14th Sept, my Hanna’s 13th Birthday! Hanna loved the beautiful birthday cake, and the younger kids the KFC!

Nice cake isn’t it? Tasted great too (TQ Zue)

We left Alor Setar at 3pm (I think). Reached home 4-5 hours later.

All in all, it was a great Raya for us all :D

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