Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Everyday when I hug him before going to work, I have this feeling that he’s actually saying,
“Bye Ibu, drive carefully” with that slanting smile of his.

And today, I did the same thing... but somehow this morning, I had this momentary glimpse of him turning to me and say,
“Ibu, I want a new handphone for my birthday".

That never happens, but that imaginary moment became like a replay of a two-song-playlist all the way to work.

If only he knew how much we love him.

Happy 17th Birthday my brave boy.
We love you.

pic update: Hanis chose Chocolate Indulgence cake for Haziq :)

“We’d give you the world if we could, baby”.


Mak Njang said...

ja, klu tulih macam2 ni, maknjang selalu sebab.

Happy birthday Haziq....

Syurga dah pasti buat Haziq, kita pulak macamana?

KotaStar said...

Sad recollection? Many like you do have that experience too. Our boy, the youngest departed when he was 15, the very day he completed his SRP. He would be a young man of 30 now. AlFatihah to them.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Mak Njang,

Can you imagine he's 17 now?? Haziq dah boleh ambik SPM dah pun..hahaha...

Anyway betui tu, these special children dah confirm tempat depa kat syurga. Kita ni yang dok sedia cuba buang berat belah bahu kiri.

Balik KL (bukan mai KL) jom lunch :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Salam Pak Non,

My Haziq is a special boy who laughs a lot and have no worries in his mind. If only he could talk and tell me what his heart desires.

Every year it's only a cake with his siblings singing him the birthday song. But I bet he's happy dapat makan cake. Simple mind has only simple needs kan?

AlFatihah to your son, Pak Non. Young souls have special places in the Jannah...

cik_ngah said...

Kak Ja, birthday hug to Haziq the handsome boy!

Sakinah said...

salam ja,

haziq dah 17 tahun ya. dah besaq tu. happy birthday to haziq. pada ja, sabarlah byk2. Allah sentiasa bersama ja & famili.

BTW, syafi dah 2 yrs last sep. he's learning to walk now. i enjoy every moment spend with him.

ja, special needs kids are truly special to us.