Friday, May 30, 2008

School Holidays are here!

School Holidays are here! School Holidays to my children will be - plenty of games, a great deal of internet surfing, unlimited time of badminton & table-tennis at home, 'siput-babi' tracking around the house, butterfly catching in the garden, lots and lots of watching DVDs, patronizing Cineleisure to catch the latest films, a whole lot of yummy cakes for the tummy, late night TV movies and most of all - waking up late!

To Me? I like School Holidays coz I could do all those things with my children!

We've been to Summit to catch Iron Man and Cineleisure for Narnia - Prince Caspian. This second Narnia is much better than the first one - well, according to Ayah who doesn't actually 'like' children movies... Tomorrow will be my Indiana Jones day. I've been waiting for the sequel for soooo many years, and finally it's here!

Happy Holidays y'all!

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