Monday, May 11, 2009

New Experiences ... and a New Lens ;)

The weekend’s over, and those two days were pretty hectic for me.

Dear Hubby and I went for a wedding in Segamat on Saturday. Lucky that the groom has given us the detailed instructions of the route to his house via sms, or else we’d never have found the address. It was a good (and looong) six hours of driving thru estates and small towns. And guess what, I got to see Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang for the first time! If only we got time to spare, we’d have stopped and embraced the beautiful sceneries and gulped in the fresh air...

We came back at 4pm just in time for the kids’ swimming lessons. They had to skip their taekwondo class in the morning so that we could leave earlier for Segamat. Hasya came to me and told me that the baby birds have grown some fine feathers and their eyes opened. So I took out my camera to take some pix and heard something crashed. I was so stunned to see glasses everywhere on the terrace floor. At first I thought my camera had broken. Luckily it was just shattered glasses which used to be the filter. Lucky, lucky me! Only the filter! What if it were the lens??

Apparently Dear Hubby didn’t place the lens cap properly that morning, thus letting the filter exposed to its rounded ends. That was how the filter shattered. Anyway, since we need to use the camera on Sunday, I must get me a new filter.

Dear Hubby sent the girls for their swimming lessons, and I.. dengan kepenatan segala had to mandi etc and left for Subang Parade.

I came home that night smiling. I got myself two new Hoya 58mm filters ... and..a new lens!!! Yay! The lens that came with the camera was a basic one – 18 to 55mm. The newly bought one was a basic one too - 55 to 250mm - but at least I can do a lot of zooming from now on.

Happy happy me. Self-bought mother’s day gift, and thank you Dear Hubby for approving :)

Came Sunday. My Hanna, Hasya and Haifa’s first swimming competition which was held at PADE Shah Alam. We were there at 7:30 am. Many swimmers and parents were already there when we arrived. All three of my girls participated in 50m breaststroke and freestyle. So you can imagine how busy their Ibu clicking away with her new lens...hahaha....

But it was very tiring. Very very tiring especially the waiting-for-the-event game. However, watching the girls trying their best really made me proud. It was indeed a good experience and exposure for them, and their parents as well.

I came home hopelessly wishing for a good body massage. Too bad I was too exhausted to leave the house to get one. I just couldn’t let my maid Nani to massage me, eventhough she was a kampong masseur back home in Indonesia. Segan... better a stranger than a person I know.

So I conked out for a good 2 hours on Hasya’s bed instead!


Yatie_T said...

Hi Kak Ja,
Believed it or not I actually missed that cowboy town Segamat. I lived there for 3 years kat ITM and travel back to KL almost every weekend.
Now that you have a new gadget, bolehlah post gambar banyak2 yea. Tak sabar nak tenguk gambar2 the girls swimming, mesti hebat punya.

Queen Of The House said...

Ja, will we get to see some pics taken with the new lense? I'm sure they turned out wonderful!

Happy belated Mother's Day!

tireless mom said...

Hi Ja

Wah another photographer and her new toy. Hope you got the best pics at PADE.

yus said...

Ja..i guna kamera yg ada small snapper tu, zaman tok nadoq punya; until a supplier bagi free digital camera a few years back. kalau tidak I still jadi pelanggan kodak film you...I wouldn't know how to handle a pro camera like yours :) hahahha.. rugi tak belajar from my dad dulu2. he was a pro in his younger days.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Yatie,
The people who live there memang best sangat to have Gunung Ledang as their "wallpaper". When I passed by the road leading to the gunung, I couldn't see the peak. Half of the mountain was enveloped by the clouds. So majestic. So breathtaking!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Kak Lina,
Awat lamanya tak update blog? I dok jenguk2 tapi tak dak update. Mesti bz nih...

I'm still trying different shots using the new lens. Banyak yg tak menjadi, but I'm getting the hang of it :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Yatt,
Gambar banyak jugak yg blur or underlight... sebab still dok testing. I hope to get used to it soon!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Yus,
Tak lambat lagi untuk belajar dari the pro. Cuba try tengok... mana tau Pak Chop suka ka?

Queen Of The House said...

Ja ... ya lah, trying to do too much at a time sampai some things get neglected. Got many things to update on, tapi asyik nak tertidur bila mula nak tulis, hehe.

My husband tengah gila collect lenses .... perabih duit but we get great photos to keep!! As for you, keep on practising. It's very rewarding once you dah 'pandai'.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ibu, wow! I am impressed, outstanding! You sure know about cameras and lenses.
What you bought are very good too.

I use a 35mm-135mm for my hobby of portrait taking.
I make women beautiful thru my camera.
I have a 12 year old film SLR Nikon F601 and for back-up, a Yashica 135 Electro, 30 years old! Ha ha. Still takes good pics, 50mm lens.

Hows the burungs? Learning to fly? Lee.

MAMAMIA said...

I tak reti lah pasal camera ni. I guna yg digital biasa aje... But my girl is into photography & I think she's got the eyes for taking beautiful shots.

Kalau I jadi U, I suruh aje Nani tu urutkan...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salam Ibu,

I pun tak mahir la nak amik gambar ni. Just few nights ago there was full moon, but I nak amik gambar terketar-ketar tangan ni...langsung pic blur..hahha

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Kak Lina,
Memang dok practise ni. Especially with the bird(s) baby and parents.

Wah, bestnya ada banyak lenses! Perabih duit takpa, as long as gambaq cantik. I yg 2 ni pun dok kelam-kabut! Rasanya lepas ni nak beli flash pulak kot.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear U.Lee,
30 years old Yashica? I used to borrow my dad's Yashica when I was in MRSM. I wonder what happen to it now. I'll ask him later tonite.

The birds? One of the birds died on Tuesday. Twas scorching hot hat day and the nest was like an oven when my maid checked. So kesian. But the other one's doing good. Yeap, and learning to fly. The parents still come and see/feed their baby. My kids love it!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Mamamia,
Your daughter mesti suka amik gambar kan? Nanti2 mesti dia mintak new ones - camera or lens... but if she really loved it, why not, kan?

Nani tu memang pandai. Tapi segan la. Setakat kaki, tangan and belakang badan tu ok la. Tu pun dalam dua tahun ni cuma 3-4 kali I mintak tolong dia...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ida,
Kita yg amateur ni kena try and error, baru usually dapat good shots. Full moon? Rugi I ak perasan. Nak jugak I try.

jabishah said...

Kak Ja,

Am looking for a new lens too. My kit lens kan ke dah kena Nadeen's touch in Christchurch. So, now asik guna my 90mm macro. How do like the lens so far? How much was the damage? ;-)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
The 'damage' cost me around RM9XX only. I mean this lens is way much cheaper than the ones displayed on the cabinet behind the glass doors. Most were around 1K-4K. Plus I got 2 Hoya filters (1 for each of the lenses).

Dunno whether the price was ok or not since I always go to SP Fotokem without doing any surveys elsewhere.

So far so good. Zooming is such less hassle. But I got to work out on my shaky hands at times. So bulky, but I'm actually getting used to it now, since dah jarang blurred pix taken nowadays :)