Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Sweet Husna is 15 today!

This is my sweet Husna.

She’s in the world of her own, in the place she created when she was over a year old. That’s the place where she can be who she wants to be. Do whatever she wants to do. We tried so many times to bring her out of her comfortable realm but she was persistent. To stay there and see the outside world thru the glass wall she built over 13 years ago.

Just like any other Autistic child, she needs that wall to feel safe.

And just like any other mother of an Autistic child, I tried so many times to break that wall... get her to this side of the world where she can be safe with us.... and try ....oh so many things! Like how it feels to hold an egg that has been left in a jar of vinegar for a week. Or what happens if you glue a Rubic’s cube together. Or how does it feel when you step on a snail in the garden, barefooted. Or fight over the Astro remote control with your siblings. Or race to get the prettiest cupcake on the tray. Or how fun it is to color each other’s nails with henna....

My Husna's trying hard, I know. I know this because I understand what’s going on in that magical mind of hers. And she too understands. She smiles whenever she hears her name. She’ll run and hug me if I called her name. She’d lie in my arms when I asked her to.... and sleep like a baby afterwards. And I'd feel contented, just by having her in my arms and watching her sleep... so innocent and pure. My Ahli Syurga.

Today my sweet baby turns 15, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Husna sayang!! Remember that our love has no boundaries. Ibu and Ayah will always pray that you’ll someday stay on this side of the wall with us, so that you know that in this world, only the sky is the limit.

Happy Birthday! We all love you sayang!


Mum and Roses said...

you never failed bringing tears of admiration to my eyes.
Happy Birthday Husna.

edelweiss said...

Kak Ja DDI,

tersentuh hati baca entry nih...
Insyallah semoga doa u & ayah untuk husna dikabulkan...

Happy birthday husna sayang frm aunty mynn....

Chahya said...

Happy birthday to Husna.
Whatever or whichever wall there is, you're there in hers and she's there in yours. That's what matters most.

Hugs & kiss for Husna.

mamasita said...


Ibu and Ayah is so lucky to have such a beautiful child like you because by loving you, they have shown to everyone what wonderful and extremely beautiful hearted parents they are..
I salute your Ibu and Ayah my dear Husna!

p.s. Berair jugak airmata baca entry you..

Queen Of The House said...

Ja, you have my utmost admiration. You're the mom to 2 orang ahli syurga ... Happy birthday to Husna.

cekmekzue said...

Salam Ja,
tho' we've only known each other thru this cyberspace, barely a year, but I am so glad that we glad to have found such a person with a wonderful, loving, thotful and beautiful heart. Husna is a blessed girl just like her brother to have you as their mum.Aunty may not know you Husna dear, but wishing you HAppy Birthday all the same.Sweet 15.

Ibunim said...

Dear Husna, keep smiling your sweet smile. I'm sure you do understand what's going on around you. I've seen some improvement in your response when I hold your hand. So manja...I always love it when you smile and lean on me. Happy birthday, Husna dear...Lots of love form Ibunim, Ayah Li, Abg Zhafri, Auni and Amir...

D.a.a.l.i.a. said...

Happy Birthday to Husna dearie... hope u enjoy the cake that your mom ordered from me for your birthday ....

Hamiza, u never failed to touch my heart whenever i read your words here.... sebak dihati tapi bangga dengan ketabahan you membesarkan anak2 istimewa ini .... as you said, mereka adalah Ahli Syurga...

Anonymous said...

Ja, really2 touching reading ur blog about ur Haziq & Husna. You r really strong mum. May Allah always with u. Salam

ComeyBelako said...

Sis, thanks to cyber world. Finally i met up with someone who has experience the challenge & great moments having a special child. Mine is 9yrs old and was born with birth defect on his left arm - Irfan. I am very proud of him sebab dulunya saya yang panik terlebih but now he is like other normal child and can speak mandarin very fluent.

Happy birthday to Husna from untie and Sis...Life is Beautiful with all those challenges and pain/gain that we had with our special ones!

min said...

ja... im speechless.. tak tau nak kata apa... i hv so much respect and admiration in you...
with your bubbly and cheerful characters... i didnt know..
wow... u r a great mom, teacher, best of fren to ur children.
happy birthday husna... u r one lucky daughter to have such a great mom

Sakinah said...


I respect u for having lots of courage all this while. Am glad to find u thru cyberworld. It helps to stay in touch with moms who have special children, especially those whose children are older than mine. Macam2 boleh belajaq.

Tears keep flowing out of my eyes and can't stop it even after reading ur beautiful entry. Husna and Haziq are so blessed to have u and hubby as their parents. Nowadays, I look at life and everthing around me, in a different way compared to before having syafi.

Husna, happy birthday to you, sayang. Auntie also loves u although we haven't met yet.

sYaNa said...

Kak Ja, I can only imagine & really touched by your entry. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing :o)

Happy Birthday, Husna :o) You're a special girl who has a special mother :o) have a happy celebration!

yus said...

Happy Birthday Husna, and thanks Ja for this lovely entry. I've been waiting for a long time for this entry to happen. Now my wish has come true. Thank you again. Ja,keep on doing what you are best doing at, being a mom to your six wonderful kids. They all deserve you, and you them. May you and your family be in His graceful and merciful protection, always.

tireless mom said...

Happy belated birthday Husna. Sorry aunty tertinggal keretapi.

ME said...

Happy belated birthday Husna ..From aunty & 7yo Luqman

.. and to ibu, i dunno whether i've shared this with u or not, but wud like to share it again ..

I'm sending you a special child
to cherish in My name
For you to love with all your heart
and teach him just the same
For he is not like other babies
nor will ever be
But you can love him just the same
and take care of him for Me
He may not hear, see,
or run, or learn as others do
But he'll be yours
and he will take his guidance
all from you
The road is hard
he'll break your heart
you'll cry a million tears
But I promise
when he smiles at you
the pain will disappear
I know you'll cry
"why him, why us“
but I needed teachers true
And that is why
with care and trust
I've selected you
So please
don't turn your back on him
although he may be slow
If you'll accept him as he is
together you will grow
He needs to learn the skills of life
for that I've chosen you
And with your love to guide him
I know you'll see him through
Don't try to see the future
I promise that to none
Just live each day
for all it's worth and enjoy
My Special One

::Mrs.Bubu:: said...

First of all, this is my first time reading 'Dalam Dakapan Ibu' and I can feel the warmth of mother's love in it. Happy 15th Birthday Husna. I'll definately will read more about your special girl, and hope that I can being as strong as you in raising up my 3 y-0 austistic son.

Salam kenal, moga perkongsian ilmu ini dapat memberi manfaat bersama kepada yang memerlukan.

a.k.a Puteri Nuur