Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hasya's Birthday Celebration

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslims. We didn’t balik kampong, so it was a quiet hari raya at home... cooking and spending quality time with the kids :)

Ok, what was I planning to write earlier? Oh, about last weekend... it was a blast! My children had fun, especially my Hasya who celebrated her 10th birthday on Saturday November 21st. She actually requested to have a mini birthday celebration at home – with her small group of school friends. So we just thought, why not, after all it was her birthday and the school break’s already here. She invited around ten of her girlfriends to come over, with Hanna and Haifa inviting a few of theirs too.

That morning, Dear Hubby took the girls and Haziq the to the community complex where Haziq & Husna’s School Sports event was held. I had to give it a miss since I haven’t finished cooking. The girls later came home and told me that the event was a fun one, and Dear Hubby said he was amazed that there were so many volunteers to help with the special kids. Alhamdulillah.

Hasya’s party started at 2pm. After having their lunch (Fettuchine Carbonara and Baked Tuna Pasta etc) the girls went to Hasya’s room and had their temporary tattoos. The butterflies were a hit among the girls.

Make-up time was next.... they started painting each other’s face with eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers and compact powders I bought the day before at Elianto. Little did I know that they were not interested in painting pretty faces, only clown faces... Habis patah semua lipsticks! But it was worth it, especially when you could hear their laughters and gigglings. Girls!!

Then it was the event that they have been waiting for – the Water Balloon war! From using balloons, the girls then started using the pails and the water hose! Imagine the laughters and screamings the nearly 20 lil girls made... you'd think that someone has fallen off the garden swing! It was great fun watching them enjoying themselves :)

The girls later had their shower and tried the treadmill. It was pretty chaotic, with around ten girls using the treadmill at a time, LOL! Then it was the cake cutting ceremony. The cake done by Lea Oven was admired by all of the girls.

Cantik kan? Sedap pun sedap!

See Edward and Bella all ready to be consumed :)

Towards Maghrib time, the girls had their cupcake decorating session. They did all the mixing, coloring and decorating by themselves. Very creative girls, they were!

The last of the girls were sent home at 8pm. I was dead tired by then, but watching Hasya’s contented face, I knew she had a great time.

The next day, Hanna’s two friends came over for a sleepover. We brought all the girls out for a celebration dinner (Hasya’s Birthday and Hanna’s UPSR) at Sunway Pyramid TGI and later watched Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Didn’t like it that much, Dear Hubby actually slept halfway thru the movie!

So tonite we’re watching New Moon. The girls can’t wait to see Edward and Jacob. Hopefully their father won’t fall asleep again!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congratulations Hanna!

I’ve neglected this blog for quite some time now. There were so many happenings that have been written unfinished and left in draft without being published. I just have to publish them one of these days.... will try to get them done....errr... before the end of the year!!

(A simple case of a true procrastinator procrastinates of procrastinating..LOL!)

Ok, to last week’s story – the UPSR result was out on the 19th, and Alhamdulillah my Hanna got 5As! It came as quite a surprise.... and we were very happy for her, that’s for sure. Dear Hubby who was on leave that day fetched both Hanna and Haifa from school, picked me up from my training class, and had a small lunch celebration at the Italliannies. We later watched 2012 at Sunway Pyramid – with Hanna and Haifa still in their school uniforms!

A note for Hanna :
Ibu and Ayah are so proud of you, sayang. Don’t forget to always do your best in all areas you’ve chosen. We’ll be there to support you come what may. And Hanna, remember that there are more mountains to be climbed later on in life... Climb each at your own pace, reach out for its peak, and expect the unexpected – bruises and skinned knees - along the way.

Congratulations Hanna! We love you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Sweet Husna is 15 today!

This is my sweet Husna.

She’s in the world of her own, in the place she created when she was over a year old. That’s the place where she can be who she wants to be. Do whatever she wants to do. We tried so many times to bring her out of her comfortable realm but she was persistent. To stay there and see the outside world thru the glass wall she built over 13 years ago.

Just like any other Autistic child, she needs that wall to feel safe.

And just like any other mother of an Autistic child, I tried so many times to break that wall... get her to this side of the world where she can be safe with us.... and try ....oh so many things! Like how it feels to hold an egg that has been left in a jar of vinegar for a week. Or what happens if you glue a Rubic’s cube together. Or how does it feel when you step on a snail in the garden, barefooted. Or fight over the Astro remote control with your siblings. Or race to get the prettiest cupcake on the tray. Or how fun it is to color each other’s nails with henna....

My Husna's trying hard, I know. I know this because I understand what’s going on in that magical mind of hers. And she too understands. She smiles whenever she hears her name. She’ll run and hug me if I called her name. She’d lie in my arms when I asked her to.... and sleep like a baby afterwards. And I'd feel contented, just by having her in my arms and watching her sleep... so innocent and pure. My Ahli Syurga.

Today my sweet baby turns 15, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Husna sayang!! Remember that our love has no boundaries. Ibu and Ayah will always pray that you’ll someday stay on this side of the wall with us, so that you know that in this world, only the sky is the limit.

Happy Birthday! We all love you sayang!

Monday, November 2, 2009

18 Years Into Forever

It was August 1990 when I came back home from the States, after graduating and working there for a year. Months of spoiling myself followed - with Mak’s cooking, sleeping and enjoying my worry-free days. I however had to get my feet back on the ground when I got this job in KLJ, to report duty on February 18 1991.

I remember clearly the day when I first saw him. The memory so fresh, as fresh as the air in my garden after a heavy downpour. So clear that I could actually feel and watch the episode as it unfolds itself right before my eyes.

It’s true when people say that some moments in our lives come with vibrant colors and shades. This surely is one of my mine.

It was my third day of working when I first met him. I was walking along the office aisle when I saw this unfamiliar guy walking my way. I could swear that I heard my heart thumping fast as he was approaching me. What’s happening to me, I wondered, and as I struggled to keep the beat back to its normal tempo, I failed... my heart actually skipped a beat, when our eyes locked.

He came to my cubicle, normally during the end of the lunch hours, when our co-workers were not back yet. We’d talk until the first footstep was heard, then he’d leave. We were discreet about this, especially when I was new and he certainly didn’t want his colleagues to know about this, yet.

By the fifth month, we realized that the story of a man and a woman, became the story of OURS. And so we got engaged in July 1991.

And became husband and wife today, 18 years ago.

It’s only been 18 years, but I just can’t imagine my life without him - my rock and foundation. These 18 years of going through life’s ups and downs. How we spent hours making a decision that we hoped could change our child’s life, only to realize a year later that we made the wrong one. How we comfort each other with unspoken words. How we learned to accept fate, and welcome possibilities into our minds.

And what it means to be unconditionally loved.

We learned a great deal, Dear Hubby and I, even when cryings and laughters became synonyms. I’m so blessed to have him and the six beautiful children. Syukur Alhamdulillah. And a great life to be in. A life that allows you to float in the air so freely, fly into the moonlight so pale, run towards the sunset so full of uncertanties, or simply walk on the clouds where your heart is filled with utter joy. I’ve been there. And I can be there whenever I want to, coz I know he’ll be there to hold my hands, walking this life together. Or catch me when I fall.

Happy Anniversary! I’m so thankful to Allah for giving me you. The one who completes me. Alhamdulillah.