Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing my Flight

January’s gone... and now it’s already February. That first month of the year passed me by ever so quickly like a blink of an eye! I’ve been trying to write for quite some time but there were many things that got in the way...errr... a lame excuse huh?

January has been an easy month to begin with, with the kids starting schools, especially my Hanna who is now in a secondary school. I didn’t apply the SBP for her, but I did fill out the MRSM forms and sent them to MARA and ANSARA after her UPSR results was out. Hanna didn’t say anything to me regarding MRSM. We both thought the same thing – just wait and see.

When the result was out online on Feb 1st, I was somehow happy. Happy that she didn’t get accepted! How selfish of me was that? Being an ex-MRSM student myself, I know all the good things and all the benefits that MRSMs have to offer.. but... I just couldn’t shake this relief feeling off me. Well, I could sense that she felt the same way too.

Anyway, something happened to me on Saturday that affirmed “There’s Always a First Time for Everything” saying. I missed my flight home to Alor Setar! Dear Hubby and I were supposed to attend a cousin’s wedding in Kodiang, so the plan was to catch the earliest flight out, and the night flight in. I took my shower at 4:50am that morning and left home before 6am to catch the 7:15am flight. It’d usually take us around 30-35mins to reach LCCT but we were rather ignorant of these issues:
1) Parking at LCCT... uuurghhh.. If you’re not chauffeur-driven there, remember that it takes more than 5mins to find the parking space, get your bags out and lock your car.

2) Park to the nearest entrance to “Pelepasan”, and not “Ketibaan”, ok? When you're in a hurry, remember that every minute counts.

3) The check-in counters with flight destinations displayed are not meant for the above-forty people... like me. You either have to be sharp enough to scan which counter to go (when in a hurry), or use the binoculars while pulling your bag... and oh, remember not to trample on other passengers’ legs/bags while doing so.

So yeah, we couldn’t get on that flight. Although the plane was still there on the tarmac waiting for another 20mins before take-off, we were too late since the doors had been closed – according to the non-smiling PR guy who was supposed to be dealing with ‘public’ like us (I guess these people are trained to be void of emotions, or else they won’t last long in that profession).

And yeah, we didn’t take another flight out. I called up my cousin and apologized profusely for not being able to attend her son’s wedding. I also called my Mak, and was overcome by chagrin when Mak told me that she had cooked a sumptuous breakfast for us and was readying some special meal for us for lunch. Alahaaii.. frustnya.... Next time na Mak?

Whatever it is, I try to look at this episode positively. I believe that Dear Hubby and I were not meant to be on that plane that day. Maybe our seats were destined to be given to other poor souls on the waiting list who had more important things to do back in Alor Setar. Or perhaps I was supposed to attend to other matters that day which include :
1) Hanna’s sports day
2) Hanna’s Anugerah cemerlang UPSR
3) Hasya/Haifa school PIBG
4) Ghazal Party Queen play at Taman Budaya... (another charity event by Killerbatch...remember the Donni story? I’ll blog about this later)

So I'm good. Mesti ada hikmah dari setiap kejadian, right?


mazmin said...

yey!!! finally... dok tunggu lama for u to update..

Mesti ada hikmah dari setiap kejadian - need i say more?

edelweiss said...

kak ja DDI,

semua yang berlaku ada hikmah kan ... insyallah nanti ada kesempatan buleh balik pi lawat ur cousin kat kodiang.

take care sis :)

wanshana said...


Memaaaanngg...Parking kat LCCT is just a nightmare! Our first experience was when we had to send my Bibik balik end of November last year. Nasib baik dia sempat checked-in, etc coz' hubby decided to just drop us (me, kids and Bibik) first while he went around carik parking. Lama jugaklah baru he could join us - Bibik dah settle everything and was just about to proceed to departure lounge dah masa tu.

So, second time around - flying a day trip to Kuching, we made sure we give ourselves more time in order to avoid stress and darah tinggi kat situ :)

Yes, ada hikmah dari setiap kejadian :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Tu dia... lama betui blog ni bersawang. Ada hikmah in everything kan..kan..(

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Mynn :)
Hmmhh..bila la pulak boleh balik lagi... silap2 Raya nanti baru boleh.

You take care too, ok?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Shana dear,
Tu lah kan.. kalau tak, I tak boleh pi sekolah anak2 I hari tu. Siap dapat tengok theater lagi ;)

Anyway, I mmg tau salah kitorang yg wrong-timing, cumanya geram mengenangkan muka PR yg masam mencuka tu. Isshh, mcm nak bukak kasut hempuk kat kepala dia saja. Nasib baik sayang mengenangkan kasut baru beli 2 minggu..hehehe..

MAMAMIA said...

I have never set foot at LCCT. Bilalah agaknya my first there?

Pergi tak the other events???

cik_ngah said...

Kak Ja,

Airasia, you need to check in 45minutes before departure. 40 minutes before departure pun dia dah tutup!! dah pernah kena dah.. he he he. In this case firefly or mas betterlah. Ada juga tambang murah kalau cepat book.

Chahya said...

True, true...I agree with you, there's hikmah in everything, especially when you've tried to prevent something from happening and yet they are happening like in your case.

yus said...

Ja! Welcome back! (ewah..I pulak jadi tuan rumah..) ni sebab lama sangat duk tunggu blog u nak bukak pintu balik...
Hey..tertinggai kapaiterbang? been there, done that! I lagi teruk masa tu, duk mencangkung kat lobby LCCT sambe keriyau tak berlagu...huhuhu... :)

Abang Sejuk said...

Kak Ja,

U missed the 'drama' masa kenduri..hehe... it was fun...had dinner dgn Benjie kat SP masa on the way back to KL..