Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nak Adik Boy?

Last night, at the dinner table, Hanna said something that nearly made me choke on my pistaschios.

Ibu, Hanna nak Adiklah...

What??? What was that again Hanna???

Hanna rasa Hanna nak Adik sorang lagi lah.

(Was she for real?)

Betul ke ni Hanna?? You have 3 younger sisters now... and one Kakak and one Abang... nak lagi ke? Lagipun it’s a lil bit too late now for that... Apasal sekarang baru Hanna request?

Entahla.. Hanna rasa Hanna nak Adik boy lah... Hanna teringin la nak Adik boy...

At this point, Hasya was vigorously nodding her head... A-a lah Ibu, Hasya pun nak Adik boy jugak Ibu....

Girls, I’m too old for that now... if only you girls requested this yearsssss ago, bolehla Ibu beranak Adik boy... Lagipun, would you change his diapers now that I’m too old for that?

EEEwww.. tak naklah Ibu... diapers...eewww.. busuk laa...

So, nak tak Adik boy ni?

Eewww.. nak kena tukar diapers... tak jadilah Ibu....

Okay that settles it.


Hehe... Children... so easy to convince them...


Yatie_T said...

Kak Ja,
that was easy... hahaha nobody want to change a dirty diaper, that's for sure. I agree children are very easy to convince and also easy to follow. Anak Yatie sekarang ni suka tengok dan tiru apa apa yang kitaorang buat. I told HB not to listen to Howard Stern when Josh is in the car. I hate that show..... banyak sangat bad words & cerita yang buat Yatie nak muntah mendengarnya..... hahaha

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Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Piece of cake kan? But you know what, even my 2yo+ Hanis pun cakap nak Baby Boy that night.. she didn't understand kot. Especially when she's the kind who can't see me holding her other siblings, mesti cry punya....

Yatie bila nak tambah lagi..? ;)

Yatie_T said...

Kak Ja,
tak berani nak tambah lah... yang sorang ni pun tak tau macam mana nak jaga. Kalau tinggal kat KL mungkin boleh tambah sorang lagi soon sebab banyak sanak saudara yang boleh tolong, tambah lagi boleh dapat pembantu rumah senang sikit. Kat US mahal sangat, nak bawak pembantu dari M'sia susah nak dapat permit. Kawan Yatie (Immigration lawyer) cakap the process will take atleast 10 years or more.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Ya Rabbi.. punyala lamaa proses!

Takpa...muda lagi...anytime pun boleh tambah lagi kan?

Kalau dapat triplets...ha kan senang, beranak sekali tapi keluar 3... he.he.. Susah sikit cuma masa baby la