Thursday, November 20, 2008

School's Over - Party time!

I hope this time this entry can be posted. It’s been five loooong days of ‘fighting’ with Blogger. There was nothing wrong with my Streamyx but I just couldn’t post a new entry in my blog. It really was a pain in the... ehhhmm... neck.

Well, finally school’s over. The kids are all at home. You could hear their laughings and screamings from the NeverNeverland. I was tempted to put up a sign at the main gate that reads “Come join our party! It’s open 18-hour a day!” :P

School holidays to the girls when their parents are working would mean – art&craft sessions, food, TVs, DVDs, food, CDs, magazines, food, fightings, singings, food, games.... And that wasn’t typo when I mentioned ‘food’ several times - I guess somebody will crack the scale by the end of December..hehehe...

There were three events to go to last Saturday. One was the Sekolah Agama Penyampaian Hadiah for the top 3 students for each class. My Hasya was one of them but she wasn’t able to be there on that day. Her piano recital was also scheduled the same morning, and the taekwondo test in the afternoon. That was the 2nd time she didn’t get to go up the stage to receive her prize. The first time was her Ibu’s mistake – they reached the school 2 hours late!

The concert/piano recital went well. Hanna, Hasya and Haifa did pretty good. The taekwondo test went well too. Now that everything’s over, except for their squash classes, the girls are enjoying themselves like there was no tomorrow. I think if I were to stay home with them, I’d have to adjust my patience-o-meter to the maximum possible.

I could hear them laughing silly over SpongeBob on TV now. And it’s already 12:05 am! Bad mother! I guess I better go now and persuade them to sleep lah.

Or maybe I should stay up with them and watch the moody Squidward bullying Patrick?


Queen Of The House said...

Just let them have fun! I'm sure they'll remember it years from now.

School holidays sometimes memang memeningkan kepala kita kaum ibu. The food, oh they food they eat!!! And rumah tonggang-langgang if you let them have their way. Lucky for me this time around my husband pun cuti. Biar je dia layan the kids, hehe.

Akmal said...

go layan with them hehehe :D

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Memang rumah dah macam tongkang pecah dah ni... I went to Giant and bought loads for them to munch....

Happy giler depa everytime cuti sekolah is here..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Akmal,
Layaaan... in fact right now I'm watching Madagascar1 on TV with them... hehehe..