Friday, August 22, 2008

Here and There

My weekend plus the three days that I was on leave were wonderfully spent. My three older siblings (Bemmie, Benjie and Kak Anim) with their families came over. The main reason was to attend my cousin’s wedding on Sunday, this time on the Groom’s side. Although my dear parents and my younger brother and his family couldn’t make it, it was still 'perfect’ for me.

Saturday night was BBQ night. Since it was already 4pm when we decided to have the BBQ, this time there were just just prawns, crabs, squids and Honey BBQ Chicken Wings - served with Sos Chili Thai and Argentine Salsa Criolla (TQ Farina!). I also prepared Bubur Durian and Baked Tuna Cheese with Pasta. There were also fruits from the orchard brought by Benjie. Ayah set the tent up for the children to play in and the noises that the children made was like a kenduri!

The next day was the real kenduri in Semenyih. It was good. We met our relatives from up North and kudos to my cousin (the Groom’s eldest brother) and his wife(and her family) to have gone through so much and made the kenduri a success. Since both their parents have died (alFatihah) this eldest sibling took the responsibilities to make it happen for the younger brother the Groom. And I was lucky again to witness another Silat Pengantin and the Gamelan – played by a group of young men. We were entertained by the used-to-be-popular singer – Zaiton Same’on. I couldn’t help feeling pity for her who obviously is now a has-been :(

Monday was Berjaya Times Square indoor-theme-park day. The children just loved it although there weren't as many games as there were in Genting. That was my special child Haziq’s third time there... and I was rather nervous coz he didn’t want to eat anything while we were there. Too excited maybe :)

And guess who slept like a log that night? It was me, not my Haziq. Penat!

Tuesday was Zoo Negara day.

It was my 2+yo Hanis’s first time there, so you can imagine how happy she was seeing the animals she saw in the books for real! My special child Husna was all smiles as usual.

The animals looked so much better since the last time we went there. The smell in the air was ok. There were many Minah/Mat Salleh volunteers doing all kinds of work in the zoo. I wondered where they came from.

Anyway, this Orang-Utan was funny though – he actually posed for his picture to be taken!

Wednesday was Wall-E day at Cineleisure. Since Ayah wasn’t on leave, I brave myself to drive my car for the first time. Made it finally :) Hanna and I wanted to watch The Mummy but Hasya, Haifa and Hanis wanted Wall-E – so they won. But on the way back, I heard Haifa reading out loud what she sent via sms to Ayah : “Wall-E tak best lah Ayah.”

La pulak....

Anyway, I'm sure all of us had fun during the holidays. And oh, I'm going to catch The Mummy before school starts.

Ok now, back to work!


Yatie_T said...

Kak Ja,
looks like you're having a blast. So.... how was the bride's family & relatives? Muka malu ke tak? Mengumpatlah pulak ni... hehehe
Zaiton Same'on has a great voice and I always love her. Does she still has a body macam gitar? lol

Your birthday present.... looks like ford focus SUV, betul tak?

Waterlily said...

Hello Ja

I baru bawak anak anak I pegi zoo last week - but we went a bit late i.e after 3.30pm so semua 'ahli' zoo dah makan and animal show pun dah habis. Sempat lah anak2 I tengok gajah buang air besar and kencing...sampai la ni anak2 I ingat!

About your new ride - is it Toyota Ipsum?

Yatie_T said...

Kak Ja,
lupa pulak nak bagitau... bila senang hop over to my place... ada hadiah untuk Kak Ja.

Salt N Turmeric said...

I miss family feast. memang best kalau family berkumpul buat makan2, enough to make it kenduri-like.

i pun nak tau jugak sambungan cerita dari pihak lelaki pulak. hehe.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,
My parents live quite nearby to the zoo. So you can imagine the countless time we've been there... ;-) But I can't agre more. Mmg the zoo is getting better. Nasib tak jadi pindah.
Awatnye tak ada details pasal the bride's family. Ceritalah Adab part 2... hehehe.
Take care!

wanshana said...

Hi Ja,

Looks like you had a great time with your family. Good for you. I'm sure semua rasa 'tensi' dah hilang. By the way, did you manage to catch The Mummy 3?

And like the others, are you coming up with Adab Part II? ;)

Saya menunggu dalam antisipasi... Hehehe!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Yatie,
Alahaaii.. kesian tengok Zaiton Same'on. I sympathize with her. Badan ok lagi lah, cuma nampak tua...

The kenduri went well. Tak dak hickup ke apa. Kitorang banyak bersembang dgn relatives - sekali-sekala berjumpa :)

Kat sini tak ada lah Ford Focus SUV rasanya... Mesti best kalau ada sini...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

We went there after lunch.. tapi tak tengok show pun. Pusing-pusing pun dah penat.. hehehe... Did you see the tiger? (The one in the pic) The zoo-guy told us that tiger has just been released so that it can get to know the female and dia tengah geram tengok humans. He said at the moment tiger tu tengok budak2 kecik macam food... until it's used to seeing humans, baru lah dia jadi ok.

Patutlah dia banyak 'eye-contact' bila I ambik gambar dia, rupanya tengokkan my Hanis kat sebelah I.... Terus I bawak Hanis cabut dari situ.. seraam!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

TQ dear for the award! I really appreciate it :):)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Your chicken wings memang sedap. Kak Ja cuma tambah a few other sauces. And masa bakar tu I used a serai(diketuk) utk sapu pure santan on the chicken wings...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
It's good for the zoo to stay put. Susah nak cari tempat yg ada big trees mcm kat situ.

Part II tak adalah... not because I tak nak ke apa, but memang the kenduri went well. Alhamdulillah :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

I got to see The Mummy on Friday. Tak berapa bestlah especially Maria Bello tu. I prefer Rachel Weisz much222 better lah.

Alamak .. tak adalah partII. Since this is 'our' side of the kenduri, semua ok saja :)