Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I know there are some women drivers who do not wear their shoes while driving. I’m one of them :) I tried wearing them a few times, but felt rather clumsy and awkward. I guess my toes need to be 'naked' when touching the gas and brake pedals...(Hmmmhh... I wonder how I passed the driving test with my shoes on?)

Anyway, like soooo many other women drivers out there, I have several pairs of shoes in my car. Two pairs at the front passenger’s side and three in the car boot. I don’t know why I have them in my car especially when I like to wear only one pair in like 4-6 months before I switch to another.

Since I have my shoes ‘living’ in my car, every morning I’ll just have to get in the car without any shoes on, make sure that my sunglass and laptop are there - and drive off to work. It worked that way until one Thursday morning when I had to hitch a ride with Ayah.

I hopped into Ayah’s car and chattered away until we reached my office. Then only I realized... ALAMAAAAK... I didn’t have any shoes to wear!

Luckily, I remembered my colleague, Suzanne, who had many pairs of shoes in her car (see, I’m not the only one here!) I called her up - it was very nice of her to come down, opened her car boot and gave a pair to me. Phew.. lega!

And it was not nice to wear another person's shoes the whole day, right? Now.. ehemm... I had a valid reason to get a new pair of shoes. Got one Snowfly from OU JJ that afternoon itself...Yippee!

The moral of the story : Ladies, if you just need a reason to get a new pair of shoes - despite all the ones in your shoe cabinet or car boot - do what I didlah... tak lah rasa guilty sangat membazir....LOL!


wanshana said...


Hahaha...So kelakar! I have never had that experience before, but, like you, if it ever happens to me, I know a few friends who have ready stock of shoes for me to borrow, too :)

Sama lah kita... I have 6 pairs of shoes in my car - 2 pairs for work, 1 pair for formal dinner, 1 pair for casual, I pair of trainers, and 1 pair EXCLUSIVELY for driving! (I can't drive bare-footed,though, but I can only drive wearing Clarks slippers/sandals - no other shoes!)

And I love Snowfly, too!!!

Salt N Turmeric said...

the only thing tht i cant wear while driving is high heels and masa kerja dulu, itulah kasut yg i pakai. so id have 1 pair of flat shoes and 1 pair of high heels. tapi nasib baiklah tak pernah jadi pergi kerja takde kasut. hehehe.

anom said...

kak ja.. that's really funny.. anom pun suka jugak letak kasut2 kat dalam car boot tapi hubby suka keluarkan all my shoes without my knowledge bila he clean the car -- until I actually want to wear them, tengok2 dah takde.. ;-)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...


What if you misplaced your driving shoes?? Jeng ..jeng.. what would you do?

I agree with you, I think Clarks shoes memang sedap pakai... tu sebab you juz can't drive without wearing them. I love Clarks too, walaupun so far cuma 3 pasang yg I penah ada seumur idup ni. Cumanya, the latest one I bought Aug07 dah 2 kali haus and recently putus-putus tali dia.

Rasanya kaki I makin mengembang ka apa?? Kena buat research ni!

Snowfly dah tak ada kat Metrojaya MV, yg I nampak cuma kat OU JJ. I bought a pink Snowfly. Bila dah suka, pakai baju biru pun I match kan dgn my pink Snowfly. Hantam sajalah!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Samalah kita... my car bolehla buat tempat stock kasut - but his car - sepasang boleh lah letak kat car boot. Tu pun kadang2 dia dah ubah balik ke shoe cabinet.

Currently he's giving me a ride to my office, so I'm allowed to put 2 pairs kat passenger's side. Kalau dia simpan those kat cabinet, alamatnya akan jadi lagilah incident 'shoeless' Kak Ja..hehe..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

At first I thought terrer la boleh drive pakai high heels!

Kak Ja ni -all my shoes kena 7cm above. Kalau pakai flat shoes mesti jalan mengengkang atau sakit kaki.

I thought I was alone in this, then one day my colleague bagi tau yg dia pun sama, she just can't wear flat shoes. In fact ramai sedara mara dia yg sama mcm tu...

Kak Ja cuma risau, kalau umur panjang, tua nanti macamanalah nak jalan terbongkok-bongkok dgn kasut tinggi...

Salt N Turmeric said...

i just realise tht u love snowfly. i love tht brand. very comfy and nice design. mahal sikitlah tapi. hehe.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Farina,
That pair was my first Snowfly. My Hanna loves them, so she has 2 pairs now. Today I wore mine to Zoo Negara, lucky tak rasa sakit kaki :) A good buy indeed!