Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back to Nature

Out of the blues, Ayah had this urge to buy a tent. Yes, a t.e.n.t. It all started when he read an ad in The Star on a new shop in Bangsar selling outdoor things. This ‘back-to-nature’ man thought it would be good to set up a tent there next to the gazebo in the garden.

So, last Thursday (June 5th)– off we went to Bangsar. Imagine us trying to find a parking place in Bangsar at NOON. Urrgh… After circling around the blocks for like 300 times, we decided to park at Bangsar Village 2.

For Orang Kampungs like us – Bangsar Village 2 was sooo not us! Even the girls didn’t particularly like the atmosphere… they said it was too classy… Hehe… now you know where we go for our shoppings…1-Utama, Subang Parade and the likes tu betul-betul sesuai dengan jiwa raga.. :) Anyway, Baby Hanis liked these lanterns which were hung from the ceiling so much that I decided to snap some pix for her.

She especially liked the butterflies… Cool huh?

We found the shop. It was called “Outdoor” (eh ye ke?). Most of the things sold were Coleman’s. Ayah found the tent that he wanted. Cost us RM670 after discount.. at least we got RM9!

After a tawaf around Bangsar Village 2, all of us could hear our tummies growling. Decided to have our lunch at 1-Utama (see.. I told you!). Headed for Italiannies and had a wonderful packaged lunch which consisted of one appetizer, 3 main dishes and one desert for a mere RM89! They were all served in enormous portions. It was called 'The More the Merrier’ or something like that.

Garlic Chicken Pizza
Grilled Chicken Milanese

Mussels Diavolo tinggal dua ketul..

Try this out.... Eh.. Free ad for Italiannies lah pulak.. :)

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