Friday, June 6, 2008

Fuel Price Hike

When I got a text message from Mak in Alor Setar saying that the petrol price was going to increase the next day, the first picture that came to mind was the long queues at all gas stations that night. Ayah said that I’d lose more since it’d take hours in the car, burning up the petrol, before my turn would come to fill in the gas. I guess he was right… One trip to save a few bucks wouldn’t compensate for the future trips that would’ve to be made to the gas stations for endless reasons.

What I’m more concerned at this moment is the after effects of the price increase. Everything, (and I mean everything) would cost more from yesterday onwards. I believe my children’s school transporter will ask for a higher fee. The green nasi lemak that we’d usually get at our favorite restaurant will cost more. Hanna’s favorite sideroad donuts’ price will also be affected. And how about the teh tarik, roti canai and nasi kandar... just to name a few?

One trip to Giant or Mydin or Cold Storage would see me (or Ayah) signing a credit card slip of around RM500. And there’d usually be 3 to 4 trips in a month. Pasar Tani for our non-vegetarian tummies would be around RM270 – that - times 2 in a month. That only is for the food on the table. How about the fees for Quran, piano, squash, swimming and taekwondo lessons? Don’t forget the trips to send the children to those places? And the gas that has to be filled in the two tanks before making those trips?

**sigh** Shallow-pockets like us will definitely feel the burning...

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