Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be polite, ask the owner please....

We have this nice creeper plant where we got from my cousin in Tunjang, Kedah. The soft stem branch was just around 6 inches long when I first planted it a year ago. The leaves are similar to that of betel/sirih's. The plant stood out because of its uniqueness.

I've given to people who've asked for it. Just a cut at the end of it, thrust it into the soil, and you'll see it growing like there's no tomorrow.

And I've given a lot of my other plants to my friends and relatives... Knowing that somewhere out there, another tree/plant is planted, is enough to bring satisfaction to me. Happy tau...

But yesterday evening, came this couple walking their two dogs. The side garden door was left open. I guess they could see us inside. The wife came and patahkan like two of the branches. Ayah saw this... and walked to the lady and said something like... "Why didn't you ask the house owner?" She was like termalu for being caught in the act and said "I thought there's nobody.."

Hello.. can't you see the gate open.. with my maids and children there?

Anyway, I guess Ayah's always nicer than me.. so he just said..."Next time asklah, don't just take. We don't mind actually".

Some people just do what they want.. regardless of whose property they're trespassing..



Salt & Turmeric said...

u mean they just walked in and pluck the branches? pelik tu.

p.s. i stil dont know wht to call u. tak jumpa nama pun.


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Farina, you can call me Ja... or Kak Ja since you're much2 younger than me..he..he.. Anyway, since the side garden door leads to a small patch of land which I'd planted my rambutans, mango, duku langsat etc, these neighbors just came to the door from there. They didn’t come in, they just picked the branches from the doorsteps. The door was opened and even my Bangla gardener was outside mowing the lawn. Since it’s a corner house, whenever I do my gardening on that patch of land, the people walking by would greet me, have a small chat and most of them would ask for the creeper. I have a big belimbing buluh tree (yg utk masak lemak tu) and it’s free for all to take coz buahnya banyak sangat… I bet that’d be great for your masak lemak recipe.. J

anom said...

Kak Ja,

My husband loves to garden as well..The hobby had turn into a profession now.. He find your blog interesting..

Dia siap offer lagi satu pokok ni from African continent called pokok 'Mickey Mouse'.. This tree attract birds and unik sebab dia ada dua jenis bunga - satu warna kuning and another one merah..Kalau nak let me know k - anomabdullahsani@gmail.com

On bab plucking from people's trees wo permission ni I pernah jugak dengar..Apala salahnya mintak permission.. kalau cakap, mesti orang bagi, kan. takla orang nak marah..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Anom,
Kak Ja tau pokok Mickey Mouse ni. Very unique kan... Bunga color merah kalau tak silap... That day at Sg Buloh Kak Ja dah nak beli dah but the owner -Cindy- cakap jangan beli. Imagine that? The reason - dia kata my house dah banyak sangat pokok (she's been to my house).. mana you nak letak lagi.. She meant it as a joke kot tapi malu punya pasal, terus tak jadi ambil... he..he..

Kak Ja dah browse your hubby's blog... creativenya dia... It's good to have a job that's your hobby. Boleh curah sepenuh jiwa raga into work.. betul tak?

jabishah said...

Hello Kak Ja,
We do share the same nick.. and template too! I chose this exact template for my food blog ;-)
Glad that u found me. I love your blog. Even tho u're new in blogging I hv a very strong feeling that I can learn a lot frm you. Maybe not in gardening (not my cup of tea.. hehehe) but parenting.
I read that you have 6 kids & I can't agree more that only selected parents are given the trust by Allah. Looking forward to your other posts.
Take care & my pleasure for linking me.

ps- I too fail to understand these types of ppl. That lady was lucky, klu dgn I... mmg kena sembur! Hehehe!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
So you ada food blog ya.. I'll be there coz I love food recipes.... It's like a passion to me to have all kinds of recipes... Tak tau kenapa... macam ada penyakit gila resepi lah pulak..he..he.. Tapi masaknya jarang-jarang, usually on weekends sempatlah jugak whenever we're not out with the kids.

Yes, you're right. Ayah and I don't go on pondering why we're given the blessings of our special ones. They're here for us to care.. So we can't be pessimistics. Even during my 3rd to 6th pregnancies pun we weren't scared. It's fated that way and Allah has wondrous ways of showing us the path...

Ok Ja, gtg. Do drop by when you have the time, ok?