Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Maid, a Thief - Part I

Thursday morning (19 June) when I was wearing my tudung to go to the office, my maid Nani told me that the gas cylinder was empty and she’d used the spared cylinder to cook breakfast earlier. I had given her RM50 a few weeks ago to pay for the gas when the gasman delivers. But when she checked the container in the display cabinet, the money was not there!

I called my other maids Tini and Sunik… Sunik quickly said that she didn’t take it. Tini, the youngest and the latest addition to the household didn’t say anything.

It was that easy to know who was the culprit.

I trusted my guts whenever I dealt with my maids then and I trusted my instinct now as well. I had all experiences regarding Pembantu Rumah Indonesia. You name it, I’ve been thru it.

Both the other two maids have been working with me for over a year. Tini just came about 3 months ago.

I kept saying to them that they have to find the money no matter what. I don’t allow thieves in my house. You’re my family and you steal from me and that’s a wicked thing to do.

While driving Tini and dear Haziq and Husna to school (Tini accompanies them at school), I kept on repeating my disappointment with the ‘thief’. She didn’t say anything. She cracked her fingers all the way to school. That was odd. Somebody was nervous obviously…

I called Nani up and asked her to check Tini’s belongings. She called later to tell me that she found RM8 in her drawer. She shouldn’t be having the money, I’ve paid her 6-months salary to the agency, so it will be a while when she’ll be getting her salary from me.

But the RM50 was nowhere in sight.

So I told Nani to watch her closely when she came back from school.

And later I got another call from Nani saying that the money was in the display cabinet, but in another container, way at the bottom! Just as I expected!

Urrghh…I just couldn’t wait to get home and confront her.

Reached home that evening and I summoned her to the main living room. Went straight to the point and told her I knew she took my money… She said she didn’t do it. I screamed at her ( I think I could hear broken glasses somewhere) but she didn’t budge.

When I cooled down a bit, I said to her that once she stepped foot in my home, she became my family... Saya dan Bapak pengganti ibubapa kamu Tini...tapi kenapa kamu mencuri dari saya?

She cried – but still no confession.

I told her that this was my wrath, you haven’t seen Bapak’s.

But there was no screaming when Ayah came home. He simply called the three maids. And he asked Hanna to bring the Al-Quran. Saya mahu ketiga-tiga kamu bersumpah dengan Al-Quran ini.. tapi bermula dengan kamu Tini.

As simple as that – no screaming, no threatening words.

Tini confessed .. Saya yang curi, Pak.

And he left her at that.

After having our dinner, we called her again and asked her why did she take the money.
You have everything, Tini, You eat what we eat. We bought your bras, panties and even your Kotex. You wanted Rexona, we obliged. The whole pantry is full of food and you may take whatever you want... So, isn’t that enough for you?

Entah, saya cuma ambil...

Is there anything else you’ve taken from us?

Tidak, Cuma RM50 itu... itupun saya sudah pulangkan...

Any more confessions to make?

Tidak, itu aja.

So we believed her. Although we didn’t know how can we live with her another 2 years knowing that she’s a thief.

From now on, we have to watch our belongings. Hanna and Hasya have to change their habit of littering their rooms with coins and RM1 notes.

And I couldn't help the feeling of uncertainties ...


suealeen said...

assalamualaikum kak ja...
saya pernah ada maid yang amat baik tapi terpaksa saya lepaskan dia sebab suaminya pindah tempat lain. they both working here.

saya sangat sayang pada dia. anak2 pun macam tu jugak. hari akhir itu terlalu pilu. saya dah anggap dia macam keluarga.

amat susah untuk kita nak percayakan orang, bila percaya pula terutamanya jika dia baik, Allah pinjamkan dia sekejap saja dengan kita.

kirim salam pada anak2 akak... tunjukkanlah gambar mereka.

wanshana said...


I've also had an experience asking my maid to hold the Al-Quran and confess to something, but, she didn't go through it - her excuse was she was having her mens then! (Which I seriously doubt...)

She was telling everybody that we were starving her and that she was not allowed to eat, etc! Padahal, she ate what we ate (in fact MORE than us!!!), and I even told her that she was free to cook whatever she wanted to eat because I knew her selera was quite different from ours.

We wanted her to confess whether it was true that she was spreading all those stories.

Memang jenis tak mengenang budi and tak bersyukur... Cuba dia dapat employer yang memang betul-betul catu makanan dia?!!!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ela,
Kak Ja dah jawab your comment tapi hilangla pulak..hmmh..kena tulis balik..
Anyway, TQ for dropping in, Ela. Memang lucky kalau dapat maid macam tu. Dulu I had a maid who stayed with me for 6yrs & tak penah balik Indon. Kita pulak yg beli 1-way ticket utk dia balik.

Most of my previous maids semuanya baik2.. but last year was a bad year for me. A mother-daughter came to work as temps. Very nice.. last2 after 1mo, Kak Ja kena pukau and they even left 'hantus' in the house. Jenuh panggil Ustaz to cleanse...

Apapun, whatever happens to us in life, it's already fated. Baik-buruk yg berlaku mesti ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

That's what keeps me going...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Maid ni nasib-nasibkan? It's your luck to get good or bad ones. Tak payah tengok which area they come from, sebab semuanya terletak kat hati maids tu masing-masing.....

Salt & Turmeric said...

memang kalau cerita maid ni, tak akan habis. a couple of my frens got lucky and their maids stayed w them for years while the rest incl my bro, not so lucky.

my bro dulu boleh maid dia left the hse, with the younger kids (incl a baby) at home with the gate open. thank god nothing happen. its just sad tht usually the bad ones wud go to the nice ppl while the good ones ended up with bad employers.